Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stupid Brother

my brother is the most fkn stupidest most violent jerk I hav ever known. When you do something like, oh I don't know, Touch his cell pfone, he would frkn punch you anywhere, doesn't matter if it's your arm, leg, foot, or even face. He always slaps me and laughs and gives me dead legs and keeps saying things like "i wish you weren't born, life would be the best. Why did you hav to be born and ruin my fkn life?" and I'd be like "i was born bc I was born that's life" and he always says things like "you will never hav a boyfriend and get married and hav a first kiss" and I'm like "ahhaha if only you fkn knewabout that person years back, you idiot." but of course I didn't tell him about that gguy bc he wouldn't believe me anyway so there's no point. and he keeps saying I hav down syndrome and I'm a "dumb ass bitch" and keeps fkn hitting me and now whenever my dad holds me arm and stuff, it would hurt so much by just a light touch cuz my brother gave a bruises all over my arm. He's such a stupid idiot and I hate him so much. And his friends too. Gosh I HONESTLY want to just stab him and punch him so harddd ugh. He's so mean. I am so disappointed in him and his rude ways.

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