Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 4(07.14.10) - Big Bad Person

Today I woke up at... HM..... i THINK around 8:30?
so i wake up, do the usual morning stuff... blah blah blah. get in the car. go to cash&carry (3
and to ura... urash... wait i dont remember the name. its a japanese store :D
but its cool there. i got the botan rice candy thing :DDD the sticker had like some kind of red ninja XD my brother had 2 weird birds.
then i ate... hm... 2 of the candies. my dad had 1 of mine. and then i dont remember what i did.
i played some pool and got called down to eat and it was yummy :P there was beef thingy, um egg thingy's, and seaweed soup and rice.
and then what did i do. i went back upstairs and saw my bro on the comp and watched south park with him. it was weird... and later i got called down. i dont remember whyy oh yeah the pictures on my dads comp all disappeared and i found them and put them back in their orginal gallery thing... and then we ate... i ate... i ate ssome pieces of cucumber that my dad was cutting. and then i i i i what did I doooo and then i ate a piece of tuna roll sushi thing with that one oasis roll topping on it. and then my brother was looking for my dad and i noticed he was gone. i continued playing pool and won several games.. been a while since i won. lost my touch or something. kept getting the 8 ball in!! DDD: and then.... i forgot what i did... i always forget ):O
and.. hm what elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee blahh and then. then. ah i forget. i play some more pool and blah blah blah. then i eat one kkong gooksoo. this thing that has like no taste but supposed to be good for you. anyways. OMG i had like the most saddest experiece of the day today. it hapenned before the eating the thing with no taste
like this lady comes in. she is the most evilest lady of the day ):O
hate her
you know why?
ill tell u later
shes evil
anyways, what did i do after. i dont remember... and i had a strip of seaweed
and then i... i..... had a piece of a tuna roll with that oasis mix on it...
yum... and i had fried rice. man i dont remember.. oh yeah a hand roll with tuna and shrimp/yum
and then.. yeah. im done. thats the fourth day. times going by so fast.
and then i went home
and then. i did all the stuff. WEBS. hm. what elseeeee... well i dont know.


  1. i noticed you always talk about your food experiences....


  2. hehe thats mainly why i want to blog
    and the only thing there is thats new each day
    bc i DO the same thing everyday -.-"
    so the food's just... yeah... ill talk about more stuff later, then >:O