Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 10 (7.20.10) - Despicable Me

so uh today. Wait.
I didn't post the other previous days cuz I forgot to and I forgot what I did...
basically the same thingg so on day 9, my brother and I came to auburn to visit our godfamily
but one godbrother is in korea and so we're hanging with the othher godbrother, Leo.
we came over and rly didn't dooo anything.. We slept over. Yadda yadda yadda.. And today, we went out and watched despicable me. It was so cute and funnyy. And we came bak to their house and I'm just doing nothing... Literally. I am so bored. All I did was read some pages in a book, lay down, do nothing, listen to shinee's new album. I love the songs.... And like so it's kinda boring.... Well that's the end of the day. Wen my dad ends work, he's guna pik us up. Anyways good byee

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stupid Brother

my brother is the most fkn stupidest most violent jerk I hav ever known. When you do something like, oh I don't know, Touch his cell pfone, he would frkn punch you anywhere, doesn't matter if it's your arm, leg, foot, or even face. He always slaps me and laughs and gives me dead legs and keeps saying things like "i wish you weren't born, life would be the best. Why did you hav to be born and ruin my fkn life?" and I'd be like "i was born bc I was born that's life" and he always says things like "you will never hav a boyfriend and get married and hav a first kiss" and I'm like "ahhaha if only you fkn knewabout that person years back, you idiot." but of course I didn't tell him about that gguy bc he wouldn't believe me anyway so there's no point. and he keeps saying I hav down syndrome and I'm a "dumb ass bitch" and keeps fkn hitting me and now whenever my dad holds me arm and stuff, it would hurt so much by just a light touch cuz my brother gave a bruises all over my arm. He's such a stupid idiot and I hate him so much. And his friends too. Gosh I HONESTLY want to just stab him and punch him so harddd ugh. He's so mean. I am so disappointed in him and his rude ways.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 5(07.16.10) - Bleh

So Pretty Much.. i do almost the same thing everyday:
- Play on OMGPOP
- Bother my brother
- Write this Blog
- Talk with my dad
- Play on the computer with my dad
- Watch my dad make some yummy sushi
- Be bored.
- Eat.

and yeah... So yeah... Today I woke up late, i think. a lil part 8:45. or a lot. did the usual morning stuff. followed my dad into a store. i think paldo world. and i walk in and hear this asian music. seems so frkn familiar. i realize its the middle-end of Rising Sun by DBSK(DBSK!!!!! (3(3(3)
and i start spazzing. my dad goes all "oh, i dont know these young ppl music"
and after that song, I hear 2PM's Without U(hehe (3(3(3) that was funny :DDD
and after that, random old trot songs.
i think.
we go to this one fish place. and when my dad comes back, the car wont start. so we ask the people right next to us if they have a jump. thing. iono. they do. hurry. lucky lucky us.
the car starts working after a few tries. we thank them a lot and then leave to the restaurant. its a lil past opening time.
my brother is frkn pssing me off, that fkn annoying-a$$ *****.
anyways we go to the restaurant. on my facebook, i learn SO FRKN MANY new things related to kpop it makes me feel all tingly inside bc its a lot of info of random things like Jaebum and T-ara and Suju, etc. i kinda dont feel like reading those stuff anymore in the car. BLEHG CAR SICKK
and i do the usual listed above.
so what i ate: um. rice with yummy firm tofu and seaweed soup.
hm. a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich.
some watermelon slices. steak. salad. i dont know. bye :D good night. or morning. its the morning of day 6. now. after coming back from the restaurant. i go to the house. WEBS. play some OMGPOP. now im typing this. goodnight :D
im pissed, as u might tell from my typing.
PS: im tired. goodnight. had several nosebleeds(3).
sadness. im like leaving japan now. its like... almost arriving back to washington. cali. whatever u want to call where i live. :D im sad. and tired. and PISSED stupid andrew. ill prolly most it in another blog. its about computers... im just saying that bc i'll forget so im saying its about computers. yes. stupid andy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Can. You. Believe. Your. Ears.?
I Can't. I cannot Believe my Ears.
This Comeback is the best ever.
Well Aside from Super Junior and ZE:A and MBLAQ and every other awesome comeback so far.
This comeback... you will be SHOCKED.
It's my favorite yet. Not really. Of SHINee, yeah. Other than Ring Ding Dong. Yeah.
How can their teaser medley be so.. so.. ugh.
It's like your ears just got... raped or something.
Because it's just. so. AWESOME. and freaking. HOT!
Have u heard the medley yet?
If not. watch it. read it. now. wait read it?
I mean listen to it. NOW
but he says
"are u ready or not. you ready or not. etc etc"
it sounds so awesome!! YES IM READY! SO HURRY!!! RELEASE IT! GAH
and then the one after.
o m ggg.
i seriously wish tat its a person doing the background awesome. noise(cough)
i hope its jonghyun! i hope he does it during performances!! (3
don't stop me :D
im crazyy for SHINee :D
omg. their repackaged album is. so. awesome. esepcially the MV for No Other. it's so cute
Shindong and his girlfriend. I cant believe they might marry in october.
i feel so happy for him yet i dont want him to frkn MARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!
a married member in super junior!!!!!
his girldfriend seems so evil though
she prolly only married him for another member of super junior
how can she say to shindong to lose like 50 pounds before GETTING TOGETHER WITH HIM
after breaking up
i dont like her
but shindong loves her(stupid girl)
so i shall allow this marriage
bc im his mom :D
and Cookie is his dad :D
im jk'ing
but seriously.
i hope all goes well.
MV for No Other: so cute:
hahahahhaha omg this is hilarious:
ah i wanna rewatch that..
the end :D

Evil Lady from Day 4

There was this evil lady from the other day.
she walks in. i think shes looking for someone but when she came, all the customers left. like 10 minutes ago. and she walks in and she was looking for someone and no one was there. so shes about to leave but she comes back in and asks "can i use ur restroom?"
we dont allow people to use restrooms. only if they are customers. customers only.
so we kindly reject her. we say "no, sorry. its for customers only."
and we sincerely apologized. and she goes "even pregnant ladies?" and thats when i notice her big fat ugly belly. the waitress replies "no, sorry. customers only."
the reason we only let customers only is bc when non-customers try and use the restroom, they leave chunks of POO and PEE all over the bathroom.
and also, this one hobo dood came last year. i remember last year some dirty guy comes in and orders like 9 things on the menu and eats SO FRKN MCH. prolly what an average person would eat in the course of 3 days
and when its time to pay, he goes to the restroom, stays there for a while... when he walks out, he says he doesnt have any money. we go WTF.
then we call the police and they say he was one of those moochers who pretend they have money but when they devour their food, they dont pay bc they are frkn EVIL DDONGS!
but i KIND of 1% feeled bad for him bc he was a hobo
but not really a hobo, u noe?
and evil hobo from space.
and then so we go to the restroom to see what he's been doing for so long, must hav had a very bad stomach from eating all that food
the worker walks in and sees the most grossest thing
we had to clean it all upppp(i didnt clean it)
the police did that one thing where he cant come like 100 feet close to the restaurant or something(i didnt hear it)
but it was so cool. police were here...
anywaysss there ARE police customers but like. police who arent eating and are on dooty.
but yeah. that hobo freaked me out. ew
. but he wasnt so bad. aside fro having no money and showering, he was a... strange hobo.
thats why we made that no restroom-u must be customer- only rule
and then, the lady goes all "Oh okay" like real fast and just walks out
we're just sitting there and like 30 seconds later, she walks back in and says "you know what. Im NEVER coming here again with ur attitude. im telling ALL of the people i know to never come here and that this place has no fu*king manners and is the worst"
and we're just like okay okay.
and she just WALKS out and im like "U PREGNANT FATTTY!" in my mind
man she was rude. what ATTITUDE did we have my just following the rules that will bring us all joy and happiness for us and u :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 4(07.14.10) - Big Bad Person

Today I woke up at... HM..... i THINK around 8:30?
so i wake up, do the usual morning stuff... blah blah blah. get in the car. go to cash&carry (3
and to ura... urash... wait i dont remember the name. its a japanese store :D
but its cool there. i got the botan rice candy thing :DDD the sticker had like some kind of red ninja XD my brother had 2 weird birds.
then i ate... hm... 2 of the candies. my dad had 1 of mine. and then i dont remember what i did.
i played some pool and got called down to eat and it was yummy :P there was beef thingy, um egg thingy's, and seaweed soup and rice.
and then what did i do. i went back upstairs and saw my bro on the comp and watched south park with him. it was weird... and later i got called down. i dont remember whyy oh yeah the pictures on my dads comp all disappeared and i found them and put them back in their orginal gallery thing... and then we ate... i ate... i ate ssome pieces of cucumber that my dad was cutting. and then i i i i what did I doooo and then i ate a piece of tuna roll sushi thing with that one oasis roll topping on it. and then my brother was looking for my dad and i noticed he was gone. i continued playing pool and won several games.. been a while since i won. lost my touch or something. kept getting the 8 ball in!! DDD: and then.... i forgot what i did... i always forget ):O
and.. hm what elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee blahh and then. then. ah i forget. i play some more pool and blah blah blah. then i eat one kkong gooksoo. this thing that has like no taste but supposed to be good for you. anyways. OMG i had like the most saddest experiece of the day today. it hapenned before the eating the thing with no taste
like this lady comes in. she is the most evilest lady of the day ):O
hate her
you know why?
ill tell u later
shes evil
anyways, what did i do after. i dont remember... and i had a strip of seaweed
and then i... i..... had a piece of a tuna roll with that oasis mix on it...
yum... and i had fried rice. man i dont remember.. oh yeah a hand roll with tuna and shrimp/yum
and then.. yeah. im done. thats the fourth day. times going by so fast.
and then i went home
and then. i did all the stuff. WEBS. hm. what elseeeee... well i dont know.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

제빵왕 김탁구

It's the drama
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.
Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.
Bread, Love, and Dreams
lol the spider looks hilarious
can you understand my typing?
i cant
so im watching what i type
i forgot what i just typed. hold on. lemme copy and paste XD
ahem... here it is(the translation):
lol the spider looks hilarious
can you understand my typing?
i cant
so im watching what i type
LOL! thats what the translation is :D hoo this font is perty
I was trying to type this all correct grammar like
but it turned all regular internet typinggggg :(
oooh pretty :DDDD
so... hm.
People reading should watch this drama
the songs are really COOL and AWESOME too :D
I'll be WATCHING you :D
so awesome!!! (3
XD LOL translate this yourself XD
Ok.. im done now
XD i cant wait till wednesday and thrusday till the new episodes
what will happen!?!?!?!
XD ky bye bye
thanks for reading
especially you, cookie :D
Um, no trans. just copy paste hi-lite and change the font
ah whatever
ill translate it:
He's so awesome!!! (3
XD LOL translate this yourself XD
Ok.. im done now
XD i cant wait till wednesday and thrusday till the new episodes
what will happen!?!?!?!
XD ky bye bye
thanks for reading
especially you, cookie :D
That's the trans. thanks for reading. i prolly have only 1 reader but oh well.
that box thing means... 1. :(
bye :D
omg and the actor who plays goo ma jun is so awesome too!
KYAA (3(3(3 :DDDD

Day 3(07.13.10) - Laughter

Todayy I woke up pretty late. It was 8:45. I did all the usual morning stuff. Then we headed out to Paldo World. I ate kim-bab with beef(seasoned beef sushi roll) in the car as we drove to his work. Then I went upstairs and set up the laptop. I ate a cone ice cream(my dad calls it cone boy because there's another ice cream sandwich called Fat Boy XD i remember it from 2 years ago. We had a box of fat boys.) anyways, we ate a coned thing. I had vanilla caramel, my brother a chocolate, my dad had.. nothing? I don't know if he had one. my uncle had one but i don't know what flavor. Then i went on omgpop and played pool with my dad and lost like 10 games to him. hey, its bc i always sunk the eight ball! and also, he's pretty goooood :D pro dad. anyways, i forgot what else i ate... hm... i had some sushi but not in this order.. maybe: unagi sushi(4 and yummy with some soy sauceee ... but KIND of salty cuz of the the the the sauces and stuff but yummmmmmy) hm what else.. oh 3 pieces of tuna, hm.... tuna roll i think 3 pieces with a mixture he made himself that usually goes on top of the Oasis Roll, hm what else... i ate a lot of stuff... hm... another Cone Boy.. chocolate. and my brother kept throwing nuts at me from upstairs.. and threw a bottle at my shoulder... hm. what elseeee. i dont remember. hm... oh yeah and deep friend sweet potatooooes. 3 pieces.. or 4. i dont remember. and 2 pieces of deep friend red snapper(i had no idea until i JUST asked my dad what it was as i type this. who knew that it wouldnt taste like fish at all. I thought it was like... and crab... or.. or a shrimp... a fishy one.) anyways, hm... what else... i dont remember. i dont remember what else i ate >:O i'll think about it and OH YEAH i had like 2-3 pieces of oreos... warm ones.. yummy though XD . yeah... ill edit this as i remember what else.... yeaaap. what i DID: i ....played omgpop: pool with my dad. we sometimes played on a "Play Alone" thing together taking turns. its really fun to do it like this if u dont have another computer(available, stupid andrew) and yeah anyways, i played pool with him. and also Draw My Thing. on one computer again. we first started out just playing a "play alone" game again and covering up the words and drawing it but we thought of another idea to just pick ur own thing and draw it. makes it easier. and funner. its funny. my dad drew thing thing that looked like a stack of rocks and drew a tall W on top and the answer was "pooping" or something. then the other time, he drew the same thing but a poof of farty smelly gas. looked smelly -.- anyways, i bothered my brother a lot. there were a lot of customers today. pretty goood. anyways i got in trouble for talkin and screaming while my brother hits me. today was a very funny and full-of-fun-and-tiredness day. it was tiring kind of. but it was fine. watched my dad make so much sushi. like california roll(that was a mistake. we talking a lot and he misread the order and was supposed to make a Caterpillar Roll. hehe my bad i think) and like spider rolls and oasis rolls and every other roll and sushi stuff :D yooomy. well anyways, i shall end this day. and stuff. i shall now probably do a little more things on the comp and then do my usual wash-etc-brush-shower routine. lets call it the WEBS routine. thats better. anyways, after WEBS-ing, im guna probably use a little more computer unless my bro is on and then i'll prolly play some omgpop with my dad and brother. well ill update soon. bye byes and good night/good afternoon/good morning/good bye.
PS: i laughed a lot today and woke up one of the friend/worker person there XD oops sorry :P
but it was really funnyyy, my dads drawings and his random pool shots that make XD
my brother sucks. he never lets me be the last toucher. we have this game where we kind of get competitive and try and touch the other last. i usually just slap his arm and he punches me either a dead leg or a bruise arm punch. stupid guy
PPS: lol we made up this one handshake on the plane and its really funny and we tried doing it with 2 hands and it was funny. it first starts out as a arm-wrestling pose so whenever my brother tries to do the handshake, i always think its a wrestling thing so i try and push his arm down and he goes all "wth are you doing?" O.o

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 2(07.12.10) - Stomach Aches

For the second day at Washington, I woke up at around 8, 8:15 because of the alarm.. or a phone call. or something. I used the restroom and found out that I went to Japan(Jenny D:) and did all the stuff. I brushed my teeth and washed by face and did everything, blah blah blah. Then I straightened my hair(My hair was like a lions mane thingy) and I straightened it in the room as my dad used the restroom. My brother woke up a little after 8:45(Stupid butt and he was the first to sleep). We left at 9 and arrived at the restaurant at.... 10 something? Anyways, after putting all our stuff down, blah blah blah, i set up my laptop and started using piano. Later, we got called down to eat and we had kimchi stew, salmon(Yumm) and rice(of course). Now im upstairs and playing mario kart as my brother uses the computer. I go downstairs and look for my dad but he's gone. later, my brother goes to sleep and I start using the laptop. Then, the first customer of the day comes. The business isn't good because there are 2 new sushi places so they all go there. For now ):D anyways, and then i use the laptop and watch "King of baking, Kim Tak Goo"(heart heart heart), i forget what i did after so ill just talk about what i did overall. I used the computer, played with the DS, and used piano. and slept. and I ate what i mention above, and also ate chicken katsu and fried pea thing and watermelon. i slept before eating yakisoba. that was good. my uncle made it :D yum yum yakisoba with teriyakiiiiii (3 anyways im guna shower soon and stuff. my brother showering... my brother IS showering.. wait he finished right now. he farted on me before he went in EW ):O anyways, good night world :D i shall go to sleep some time today or like.. later. you know. anyways, ima shower soon and MAYBE watch a movie. hm... anyways, bye bye XD end of day 2. it was a boring, stomach-aching day. but i know that when I leave washington, these are the day's i'll miss the most(without the stomach aches) :(
UPDATE:: instead of a movie, we taught our dad how to play pool on OMGPOP (3 it was fun. hes good. and uses lots of strange techniques. hes cool at it XD but still has a lot of learning to do, the young grasshopper. (3 heart heart :D ::END UPDATE I THINK
PS: i had a bottle of water, a bottle of lemonade, and a bottle of... crush orange soda. ugh i feel so soda-full or whatever. im guna drink only water and orange juice tomorrow. or ill try ):D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 1(07.11.10) - Movies

I woke up at 5:15-ish and started getting ready to leave. I packed up the last of my things and put the stuff in the trunk and we drove off to LAX airport. We printed out our boarding passes and we checked our bags. We were going to go up the escalator to the scanning thingy but only my brother and I were allowed because we were old enough so we couldn't have an adult which I think is freaking gay. So I hug my mom and say bye and try to hold back my tears, and I see my brother just laughing or something. Maybe not. We then head to Burger King and eat a croissan-wich... frkn expensive. We eat and wait in the area for boarding while using my laptop playing stepmania. So I boarded the plane for Washington at around... 8? I saw a huge scratch on my watch and I got sad :( The plane left around 8:30 and I got my ears plugged a lot :DD Then I get that small snack mix thing which I really didn't feel like eating but did anyway. I had a cup of lemonade and a cup of water. My brother got lemonade and lemonade... again. I saw a lot of mountain-y tops or something. Then I got the DS to play a game and realized I only brought 1 game pack: the one in the DS already. I got pissed. But then again, I never really wanted to play the other ones and had the one I wanted most inside so I was happy. My brother took it from me and started playing so it turns out that I never used the DS today... So I landed around 10:4... 45? something like that :D So we're in our seats waiting for the people to go get their bags in the compartments above. Then my brother was all going on about how which one of us were going to see out dad first, so we RUN out of that little tunnel thing connected to the plane and start dashing for the baggage claim 16 or something. I run and run and get pulled back and back. Then it's there: 16. I get all excited cuz I'm ahead of my brother by a little. Just then, my dad appears on the left of us and more near my brother so he runs in that direction as I turn around and run to him too. My brother sucks.
So we give out dad a huge hug and we load our stuff in the trunk of his car. We drive out of the Seattle airport and go to his wonderful home. We mess around with the laptops a little and say hi to our uncle. We had decided to watch a movie and my dad wanted to watch the new Predator 4 movie. We go to H-mart, i think, and go to the food area and I eat bibimbap like my brother and uncle and my dad eats the seolungtang thing. after eating, we laeve and at 1:50, we start watching the movie at Century Sea Tac Mall. It's all right at first but gets better as the movie goes more into the climax. I fell asleep though. They were just talking and I was sleepy, but I wasn't really SLEEPING, but just.. closing my eyes and like dozing off for like 1 minute and waking up again and over and over again. I get all wide awake when it turns all crazy in the movie and I'm glad I did because it was pretty good. Kinda boring. So the movie ends and we get food from the food court. I got ice cream, chocolate chip in a waffle cone, my dad and uncle got strawberry. My brother got some Italian food and ate a chocolate ice cream waffle cone thing too. We leave the mall and head to the car but we did kind of feel the fresh air first. My dad was talking about watching another movie so we headed to the $2 movies where the tickets are only $2. That place is cheap because the movies played there aren't the new ones, it's the previous ones, so they change movies slower, but it's really awesome because there are some movies you might have wanted to watch but aren't in theaters anymore and you can just come to this place and watch it for 2 bucks. Anyways, we look at the movies playing: Splice, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc etc. I wanted to watch Splice but my brother heard it was sucky. We decided on A Nightmare on Elm Street. There's only one room for each movie so you have to wait to go in. Anyways, there was a crane machine thing there called Sega... something. There was a doggy section and a cartoony section. I saw my uncle looking at the machine and saw him start playing it. I watched and soon, my brother came too. My uncle got a fireman dalmatian and the way he got it was weird. like the crane has only two little arm things so its harder, or maybe it's easier. But anyways, one arm got the top of the dog, and the other got the butt. It was hilarious. And cool. And then my brother tried, then failed. he tried again, then got the same stuffed animal, and he got it by the hat. The movie ends and the people file out. Then soon we go in and sit down in the SUPER ICE COLD THEATER ROOM! It was so cold! Anyways, the movie was reallyyyy good. I liked it. But a funny thing was that whenever something popped out, this lady somewhere in the theater would scream in this high pitched voice XD. Also, there was almost no one in there so I watched in a position that I would usually watch movies at home like XD. My uncle went to the car to get a blanket and jacket. Thank you :DD Anyways, after the movie, we ate Pho. Yumm :P They make it prettyy fast. We then went home and started going on the laptops again. My brother was on my dad's, and I was on mine. My dad and I watched The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith(Don't ask how we watched it >:D) and i skipped the beginning until the part where he starts looking for Jackie Chan to fix the water. Then I fell asleep. I already watched it in theaters so I already know how it goes and it got kind off boring. Anyways, I woke up near the end and my dad was still watching it. He told me to get ready for bed and after the movie ended, I brushed my teeth and showered. I got out and I started typing this. Today was a reallyyyy tiring day but it was reallyyyy fun because this is the first day I see my dad of the year :DD
PS: My thigh was so sore!!! It hurt to move and even walk so I kinda had to limp to get the pain to decrease. It was hard to sit at first and moving my legs was really painful. But still. I adjusted and got through the day with that sore. Stupid badminton. But it's too fun. I can't believe that I'm stopping the summer camp. Oh well. Cookie, teach me what you learned!! <3