Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evil Lady from Day 4

There was this evil lady from the other day.
she walks in. i think shes looking for someone but when she came, all the customers left. like 10 minutes ago. and she walks in and she was looking for someone and no one was there. so shes about to leave but she comes back in and asks "can i use ur restroom?"
we dont allow people to use restrooms. only if they are customers. customers only.
so we kindly reject her. we say "no, sorry. its for customers only."
and we sincerely apologized. and she goes "even pregnant ladies?" and thats when i notice her big fat ugly belly. the waitress replies "no, sorry. customers only."
the reason we only let customers only is bc when non-customers try and use the restroom, they leave chunks of POO and PEE all over the bathroom.
and also, this one hobo dood came last year. i remember last year some dirty guy comes in and orders like 9 things on the menu and eats SO FRKN MCH. prolly what an average person would eat in the course of 3 days
and when its time to pay, he goes to the restroom, stays there for a while... when he walks out, he says he doesnt have any money. we go WTF.
then we call the police and they say he was one of those moochers who pretend they have money but when they devour their food, they dont pay bc they are frkn EVIL DDONGS!
but i KIND of 1% feeled bad for him bc he was a hobo
but not really a hobo, u noe?
and evil hobo from space.
and then so we go to the restroom to see what he's been doing for so long, must hav had a very bad stomach from eating all that food
the worker walks in and sees the most grossest thing
we had to clean it all upppp(i didnt clean it)
the police did that one thing where he cant come like 100 feet close to the restaurant or something(i didnt hear it)
but it was so cool. police were here...
anywaysss there ARE police customers but like. police who arent eating and are on dooty.
but yeah. that hobo freaked me out. ew
. but he wasnt so bad. aside fro having no money and showering, he was a... strange hobo.
thats why we made that no restroom-u must be customer- only rule
and then, the lady goes all "Oh okay" like real fast and just walks out
we're just sitting there and like 30 seconds later, she walks back in and says "you know what. Im NEVER coming here again with ur attitude. im telling ALL of the people i know to never come here and that this place has no fu*king manners and is the worst"
and we're just like okay okay.
and she just WALKS out and im like "U PREGNANT FATTTY!" in my mind
man she was rude. what ATTITUDE did we have my just following the rules that will bring us all joy and happiness for us and u :D

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  1. that is one RUDE lady...


    that hobo is grosss....

    that is just disgusting...