Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 5(07.16.10) - Bleh

So Pretty Much.. i do almost the same thing everyday:
- Play on OMGPOP
- Bother my brother
- Write this Blog
- Talk with my dad
- Play on the computer with my dad
- Watch my dad make some yummy sushi
- Be bored.
- Eat.

and yeah... So yeah... Today I woke up late, i think. a lil part 8:45. or a lot. did the usual morning stuff. followed my dad into a store. i think paldo world. and i walk in and hear this asian music. seems so frkn familiar. i realize its the middle-end of Rising Sun by DBSK(DBSK!!!!! (3(3(3)
and i start spazzing. my dad goes all "oh, i dont know these young ppl music"
and after that song, I hear 2PM's Without U(hehe (3(3(3) that was funny :DDD
and after that, random old trot songs.
i think.
we go to this one fish place. and when my dad comes back, the car wont start. so we ask the people right next to us if they have a jump. thing. iono. they do. hurry. lucky lucky us.
the car starts working after a few tries. we thank them a lot and then leave to the restaurant. its a lil past opening time.
my brother is frkn pssing me off, that fkn annoying-a$$ *****.
anyways we go to the restaurant. on my facebook, i learn SO FRKN MANY new things related to kpop it makes me feel all tingly inside bc its a lot of info of random things like Jaebum and T-ara and Suju, etc. i kinda dont feel like reading those stuff anymore in the car. BLEHG CAR SICKK
and i do the usual listed above.
so what i ate: um. rice with yummy firm tofu and seaweed soup.
hm. a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich.
some watermelon slices. steak. salad. i dont know. bye :D good night. or morning. its the morning of day 6. now. after coming back from the restaurant. i go to the house. WEBS. play some OMGPOP. now im typing this. goodnight :D
im pissed, as u might tell from my typing.
PS: im tired. goodnight. had several nosebleeds(3).
sadness. im like leaving japan now. its like... almost arriving back to washington. cali. whatever u want to call where i live. :D im sad. and tired. and PISSED stupid andrew. ill prolly most it in another blog. its about computers... im just saying that bc i'll forget so im saying its about computers. yes. stupid andy.


  1. lol

    don't read in the car!

    it's bad for your eyes


  2. LOL haha oh well. I read a lot of random things in duh car doww and get car sickk how is it bad for ur eyes?