Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 3(07.13.10) - Laughter

Todayy I woke up pretty late. It was 8:45. I did all the usual morning stuff. Then we headed out to Paldo World. I ate kim-bab with beef(seasoned beef sushi roll) in the car as we drove to his work. Then I went upstairs and set up the laptop. I ate a cone ice cream(my dad calls it cone boy because there's another ice cream sandwich called Fat Boy XD i remember it from 2 years ago. We had a box of fat boys.) anyways, we ate a coned thing. I had vanilla caramel, my brother a chocolate, my dad had.. nothing? I don't know if he had one. my uncle had one but i don't know what flavor. Then i went on omgpop and played pool with my dad and lost like 10 games to him. hey, its bc i always sunk the eight ball! and also, he's pretty goooood :D pro dad. anyways, i forgot what else i ate... hm... i had some sushi but not in this order.. maybe: unagi sushi(4 and yummy with some soy sauceee ... but KIND of salty cuz of the the the the sauces and stuff but yummmmmmy) hm what else.. oh 3 pieces of tuna, hm.... tuna roll i think 3 pieces with a mixture he made himself that usually goes on top of the Oasis Roll, hm what else... i ate a lot of stuff... hm... another Cone Boy.. chocolate. and my brother kept throwing nuts at me from upstairs.. and threw a bottle at my shoulder... hm. what elseeee. i dont remember. hm... oh yeah and deep friend sweet potatooooes. 3 pieces.. or 4. i dont remember. and 2 pieces of deep friend red snapper(i had no idea until i JUST asked my dad what it was as i type this. who knew that it wouldnt taste like fish at all. I thought it was like... and crab... or.. or a shrimp... a fishy one.) anyways, hm... what else... i dont remember. i dont remember what else i ate >:O i'll think about it and OH YEAH i had like 2-3 pieces of oreos... warm ones.. yummy though XD . yeah... ill edit this as i remember what else.... yeaaap. what i DID: i ....played omgpop: pool with my dad. we sometimes played on a "Play Alone" thing together taking turns. its really fun to do it like this if u dont have another computer(available, stupid andrew) and yeah anyways, i played pool with him. and also Draw My Thing. on one computer again. we first started out just playing a "play alone" game again and covering up the words and drawing it but we thought of another idea to just pick ur own thing and draw it. makes it easier. and funner. its funny. my dad drew thing thing that looked like a stack of rocks and drew a tall W on top and the answer was "pooping" or something. then the other time, he drew the same thing but a poof of farty smelly gas. looked smelly -.- anyways, i bothered my brother a lot. there were a lot of customers today. pretty goood. anyways i got in trouble for talkin and screaming while my brother hits me. today was a very funny and full-of-fun-and-tiredness day. it was tiring kind of. but it was fine. watched my dad make so much sushi. like california roll(that was a mistake. we talking a lot and he misread the order and was supposed to make a Caterpillar Roll. hehe my bad i think) and like spider rolls and oasis rolls and every other roll and sushi stuff :D yooomy. well anyways, i shall end this day. and stuff. i shall now probably do a little more things on the comp and then do my usual wash-etc-brush-shower routine. lets call it the WEBS routine. thats better. anyways, after WEBS-ing, im guna probably use a little more computer unless my bro is on and then i'll prolly play some omgpop with my dad and brother. well ill update soon. bye byes and good night/good afternoon/good morning/good bye.
PS: i laughed a lot today and woke up one of the friend/worker person there XD oops sorry :P
but it was really funnyyy, my dads drawings and his random pool shots that make XD
my brother sucks. he never lets me be the last toucher. we have this game where we kind of get competitive and try and touch the other last. i usually just slap his arm and he punches me either a dead leg or a bruise arm punch. stupid guy
PPS: lol we made up this one handshake on the plane and its really funny and we tried doing it with 2 hands and it was funny. it first starts out as a arm-wrestling pose so whenever my brother tries to do the handshake, i always think its a wrestling thing so i try and push his arm down and he goes all "wth are you doing?" O.o

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