Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 1(07.11.10) - Movies

I woke up at 5:15-ish and started getting ready to leave. I packed up the last of my things and put the stuff in the trunk and we drove off to LAX airport. We printed out our boarding passes and we checked our bags. We were going to go up the escalator to the scanning thingy but only my brother and I were allowed because we were old enough so we couldn't have an adult which I think is freaking gay. So I hug my mom and say bye and try to hold back my tears, and I see my brother just laughing or something. Maybe not. We then head to Burger King and eat a croissan-wich... frkn expensive. We eat and wait in the area for boarding while using my laptop playing stepmania. So I boarded the plane for Washington at around... 8? I saw a huge scratch on my watch and I got sad :( The plane left around 8:30 and I got my ears plugged a lot :DD Then I get that small snack mix thing which I really didn't feel like eating but did anyway. I had a cup of lemonade and a cup of water. My brother got lemonade and lemonade... again. I saw a lot of mountain-y tops or something. Then I got the DS to play a game and realized I only brought 1 game pack: the one in the DS already. I got pissed. But then again, I never really wanted to play the other ones and had the one I wanted most inside so I was happy. My brother took it from me and started playing so it turns out that I never used the DS today... So I landed around 10:4... 45? something like that :D So we're in our seats waiting for the people to go get their bags in the compartments above. Then my brother was all going on about how which one of us were going to see out dad first, so we RUN out of that little tunnel thing connected to the plane and start dashing for the baggage claim 16 or something. I run and run and get pulled back and back. Then it's there: 16. I get all excited cuz I'm ahead of my brother by a little. Just then, my dad appears on the left of us and more near my brother so he runs in that direction as I turn around and run to him too. My brother sucks.
So we give out dad a huge hug and we load our stuff in the trunk of his car. We drive out of the Seattle airport and go to his wonderful home. We mess around with the laptops a little and say hi to our uncle. We had decided to watch a movie and my dad wanted to watch the new Predator 4 movie. We go to H-mart, i think, and go to the food area and I eat bibimbap like my brother and uncle and my dad eats the seolungtang thing. after eating, we laeve and at 1:50, we start watching the movie at Century Sea Tac Mall. It's all right at first but gets better as the movie goes more into the climax. I fell asleep though. They were just talking and I was sleepy, but I wasn't really SLEEPING, but just.. closing my eyes and like dozing off for like 1 minute and waking up again and over and over again. I get all wide awake when it turns all crazy in the movie and I'm glad I did because it was pretty good. Kinda boring. So the movie ends and we get food from the food court. I got ice cream, chocolate chip in a waffle cone, my dad and uncle got strawberry. My brother got some Italian food and ate a chocolate ice cream waffle cone thing too. We leave the mall and head to the car but we did kind of feel the fresh air first. My dad was talking about watching another movie so we headed to the $2 movies where the tickets are only $2. That place is cheap because the movies played there aren't the new ones, it's the previous ones, so they change movies slower, but it's really awesome because there are some movies you might have wanted to watch but aren't in theaters anymore and you can just come to this place and watch it for 2 bucks. Anyways, we look at the movies playing: Splice, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc etc. I wanted to watch Splice but my brother heard it was sucky. We decided on A Nightmare on Elm Street. There's only one room for each movie so you have to wait to go in. Anyways, there was a crane machine thing there called Sega... something. There was a doggy section and a cartoony section. I saw my uncle looking at the machine and saw him start playing it. I watched and soon, my brother came too. My uncle got a fireman dalmatian and the way he got it was weird. like the crane has only two little arm things so its harder, or maybe it's easier. But anyways, one arm got the top of the dog, and the other got the butt. It was hilarious. And cool. And then my brother tried, then failed. he tried again, then got the same stuffed animal, and he got it by the hat. The movie ends and the people file out. Then soon we go in and sit down in the SUPER ICE COLD THEATER ROOM! It was so cold! Anyways, the movie was reallyyyy good. I liked it. But a funny thing was that whenever something popped out, this lady somewhere in the theater would scream in this high pitched voice XD. Also, there was almost no one in there so I watched in a position that I would usually watch movies at home like XD. My uncle went to the car to get a blanket and jacket. Thank you :DD Anyways, after the movie, we ate Pho. Yumm :P They make it prettyy fast. We then went home and started going on the laptops again. My brother was on my dad's, and I was on mine. My dad and I watched The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith(Don't ask how we watched it >:D) and i skipped the beginning until the part where he starts looking for Jackie Chan to fix the water. Then I fell asleep. I already watched it in theaters so I already know how it goes and it got kind off boring. Anyways, I woke up near the end and my dad was still watching it. He told me to get ready for bed and after the movie ended, I brushed my teeth and showered. I got out and I started typing this. Today was a reallyyyy tiring day but it was reallyyyy fun because this is the first day I see my dad of the year :DD
PS: My thigh was so sore!!! It hurt to move and even walk so I kinda had to limp to get the pain to decrease. It was hard to sit at first and moving my legs was really painful. But still. I adjusted and got through the day with that sore. Stupid badminton. But it's too fun. I can't believe that I'm stopping the summer camp. Oh well. Cookie, teach me what you learned!! <3


  1. lol

    i thought i was the only one with a sore thigh


    " will you marry me?"

    lol jk

    how is washington?

    is it cold?

    or super hot?


    ill teach you after i take it fishylover ( puahahaha you know who dat is rite? )

    will help too


  2. XD cookiee, i have no idea how to reply -.-" so i just comment :D hoping u notice :D ill just tell u or something -.-"
    yes i noe who fisnylover is XD nice name i was wondering what to call her but didnt know and didnt want to call her "the other person"
    so i left it to just you XD

    yeas teach me!! ):O
    thats my new mad face bc the ">" and "<" is making me get all pissed. ill explain in a blog. later.