Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 2(07.12.10) - Stomach Aches

For the second day at Washington, I woke up at around 8, 8:15 because of the alarm.. or a phone call. or something. I used the restroom and found out that I went to Japan(Jenny D:) and did all the stuff. I brushed my teeth and washed by face and did everything, blah blah blah. Then I straightened my hair(My hair was like a lions mane thingy) and I straightened it in the room as my dad used the restroom. My brother woke up a little after 8:45(Stupid butt and he was the first to sleep). We left at 9 and arrived at the restaurant at.... 10 something? Anyways, after putting all our stuff down, blah blah blah, i set up my laptop and started using piano. Later, we got called down to eat and we had kimchi stew, salmon(Yumm) and rice(of course). Now im upstairs and playing mario kart as my brother uses the computer. I go downstairs and look for my dad but he's gone. later, my brother goes to sleep and I start using the laptop. Then, the first customer of the day comes. The business isn't good because there are 2 new sushi places so they all go there. For now ):D anyways, and then i use the laptop and watch "King of baking, Kim Tak Goo"(heart heart heart), i forget what i did after so ill just talk about what i did overall. I used the computer, played with the DS, and used piano. and slept. and I ate what i mention above, and also ate chicken katsu and fried pea thing and watermelon. i slept before eating yakisoba. that was good. my uncle made it :D yum yum yakisoba with teriyakiiiiii (3 anyways im guna shower soon and stuff. my brother showering... my brother IS showering.. wait he finished right now. he farted on me before he went in EW ):O anyways, good night world :D i shall go to sleep some time today or like.. later. you know. anyways, ima shower soon and MAYBE watch a movie. hm... anyways, bye bye XD end of day 2. it was a boring, stomach-aching day. but i know that when I leave washington, these are the day's i'll miss the most(without the stomach aches) :(
UPDATE:: instead of a movie, we taught our dad how to play pool on OMGPOP (3 it was fun. hes good. and uses lots of strange techniques. hes cool at it XD but still has a lot of learning to do, the young grasshopper. (3 heart heart :D ::END UPDATE I THINK
PS: i had a bottle of water, a bottle of lemonade, and a bottle of... crush orange soda. ugh i feel so soda-full or whatever. im guna drink only water and orange juice tomorrow. or ill try ):D


  1. hehehe

    i wish i was there with you....

    ^ ______^
    ( T (o o)T )

    * oink*

    your in japan? dat sucks...

    hope you have a nice day tomorrow


  2. im sad im in japan. frkn. stupid. oh well. its fine. not. so uncomfortable. GRRR anyways i did have a nice day tomorrow or today or whatever :DD i doont even noe if tis replies to u... i want u here tooo T.T