Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Nichkhun!

Happy birthday to Nichkhun, who's a member in 2PM(a Korean boy band). He was born in 1988 I think... 19-something ... :D anyways, he manages to learn Korean while only knowing how to speak english. He probably got helped by fellow member Taecyeon and former member Jaebum(We miss you!), and other english/korean speaking people. Happy birthday to him! ILY!! <3

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PS. OMG HIM AND VICTORIA ON WE GOT MARRIED!! ITS SO CUTE!! CANT WAIT FOR THE FIRST EPISODE OF THEM!!! He looks hot with that hair XD and Vic looks really pretty and all shy >< XD so cute! I hope that they succeed in being a great couple like Jokwon and GaIn <3<3

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  1. Happy Birthday Nichkhun!


    I never knew he only spoke english... he speaks korean very well indeed.